Best strategy for ecommerce online selling


Do you have an e-commerce site but you’re not happy with your online sales?

In this short article we illustrate some basic principles and the best strategy to sell items with your e-commerce site online.
First we start with the basics, and that is, by ‘to have a professional e-commerce website (and not one of Amateur electronic commerce sites, perhaps made with platforms such as 1 & amp; 1 website, Aruba, Wix, Jiimdo, and others). Professional e-commerce sites are distinguished from amateur sites for important technical details that favor both the indexing on search engines, and the shopping experience is the visitor conversion capabilities in new customers.

It is true that a professional e-commerce website is a certain cost, but this is justified by the professionalism of the same and the vendor’s ability to sell. So it makes no sense to rely on economic and platforms from low price to have your own online store, because such action would not lead to satisfactory results.
Imagine having to open a new physical store in the center of your country. Will you give to do to find a nice local, visible, accessible and beautiful with a great showcase, or “because cheap” do you would use the first garage available?

After this first step, and got their own professional shop, it is necessary that the e-commerce website will be “full” of products and content and optimized SEO (search engine optimization). In this way, as the search engines reward content, the more the site will be great and rich products, more will be visible on search engines and receive new visitors who may turn into new customers. Here, too, it makes no sense to create an e-commerce site if you have to sell only 5-10 products. We for example have a management software that allows you to enter and upload their product catalog with a few clicks on your site without wasting time .
Another important factor for the sales strategy with e-commerce website is the price factor . Those buying online is statistically very often a research on different sites in the industry, in order to find the same product at the lowest cost. Then insert an economical price product is critical to increase their sales.
Also you need as a strategy to increase online sales and to have a good conversion rate, include in your site system of reviews (preferably certified) that allows you to review their sales to customers, in order to increase customer loyalty and ensuring that the purchase will fail.
This is already a solid base to be able to sell online with your e-commerce site in style and getting some feedback and satisfaction.

In the second part of this article, we will explain instead what tools to use and what strategies are needed to further expand sales and raise awareness of their own by e-commerce products to as many potential customers as possible.