We have developed a connector module for the PERFEX CRM able to connect the management system to the Zapier ecosystem in order to create any type of synchronization flow.
The module is very light and simple, and once installed allows you to connect your CRM to ZAPIER and build your desired automated flows (Workflow).

The current version of the module supports the following management entities:

  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Invoices
  • Tickets

Probably in the next versions other entities present in the Perfex management system will be implemented if necessary. It is therefore possible through Zapier to create / modify these entities by building customized automated flows.


Installation is very simple, after the purchase and activation of your user license (valid for one year) the Zapier Total Connector module can be downloaded both directly from this site and from the order confirmation received via email.

  • install and activate the Zapier Total Connector module on your Perfex CRM management system, from the Settings -> Modules section
  • In the Zapier Total Connector -> settings section, enter your license key received after purchase and fully activate the module.
  • In the Zapier Total Connector -> API Token section, click on “generate new token” and copy the new generated token. Do not share this token with anyone for security reasons as it represents an access key to your management system.
  • Go to -> connections, and add a new connection for the Perfex CRM Zapier TOTAL Connector by Ideamedia application, in the connection parameters.
  • Enter the URL of the management system and the API KEY previously generated in the connection parameters. Now the module is up and running and connected with Zapier.


For any problem, access your CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE AREA available both directly on this site and in portal customers area. Requests for assistance are processed within 24/48 hours since receipt.