The best strategy to sell with the online e-commerce site (part 2)

The best strategy to sell with the online e-commerce site (part 2)

Do you have an e-commerce site but are not satisfied with your online sales?

Once you have developed your e-commerce site, and populated with content and articles, let's move on to describe in the second part of this article the other actions necessary to bring your sales to an excellent level.
First of all, after having carried out the SEO of your e-commerce site (and satisfied all the requirements also from the point of view of users and navigation) it is necessary to expand one's audience and visibility in general.
For example, if we sell consumer goods (such as electronics or technology) it is very good to enter your site in a price comparator. THE price comparators are price comparison sites (such as kelkoo, trovaprezzo, twenga, and others) that compare the various prices available online for the same article. They are an excellent showcase, also because being very large and highly visited sites, they enjoy excellent visibility. So putting your site in a price comparator will facilitate our sales.
How many of us trying to buy an item online have not consulted a price comparator to find the lowest price?
So this strategy proves to be successful.


Subsequently, another very important action is to publish / synchronize their products with the two largest e-commerce platforms, which are currently Ebay and Amazon. Thanks to the large audience and the widespread distribution of the related apps also on mobile devices, the presence on these two e-commerce giants is almost mandatory to have sufficient and abundant sales.
Thanks to ours e-commerce synchronization software it is possible with a few clicks to synchronize your products and orders with these two large platforms, saving time and effort.
The synchronization of your products on Ebay and Amazon statistically allows an increase in sales for each platform equal to approximately 50-60% more on average. So this indicates that by publishing our articles on ebay and amazon we will about triple our current sales.

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Another important factor in online sales that has consolidated in recent years is thesocial aspect. Social networks are becoming increasingly important also from a marketing point of view, so synchronize your products with the facebook fanpage or using the fanpage to receive comments and reviews has statistically become a necessary and successful action.
For example, how many of us have found ourselves looking at a company's fan page to look for comments or articles about a product that interested us?
Consequently, also the promotion to a targeted audience on social networks (Social marketing) is a sideline that can bring more visitors and consequently more sales with our e-commerce site.

In the third part of this article, we will go to explore the e-commerce system more deeply and we will analyze which are the best tools and the best technologies to best sell with your website.

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