Management software for simple beauty center - basic

management system for simple beauty center

At the specific request of one of our customers, we have developed a very simple and effective management software for beauty centers. The management system can be easily integrated into a website with the direct management of Reservations (booking) and payment by credit card.

The management software for a simple beauty center manages the main aspects of a beauty salon:

  • Customer database management
  • Salon services management
  • Salon products management
  • Purchase / discount management
  • Manage prenotazioni
  • Monthly, daily and weekly calendar
  • Booths / assistants / shifts management

On request it is also possible to implement other additional functions, such as:

  • Management of reserved discounts
  • Management of product / service packages with optional discounts
  • Customer loyalty management
  • SMS and email management
  • Google calendar management
  • POS management

Here you can find one demonstration guide of our management software for beauty center